The Worms

The Worms was a comic strip that I did from November of 2008 until April of 2009. It began when I got the idea for the first comic, titled “Asshole”. I thought it was just a funny joke, but it turned into the strip which I would have loved to continue doing but I just didn’t have the time necessary to devote to it. The strip ended right in the middle of a story line, too, and that sucked for me because I knew where I was going to go with it. Sadly, it never made it there.

I’ve separated the comic into two different pages, one with the Portraits strip I did where I just showcased a different type of worm. Eventually I would have included all of them into the comic strip. The second page is for the strip itself, in story order, not necessarily in chronological order. Some of them will have to be clicked on to view in a different window because they were done too big.

With that, enjoy.

The Worms: Portraits
The Worms: The Strips


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