I began doing these comics late in 2008 and stopped doing them in April of 2009. I didn’t want to stop doing them, but I didn’t have the time to dedicate to them, unfortunately, and I had to stop.

I did have a website for the comics, but like the comics, that also had to come to an end.

Aside from the website, I had my comics featured on several different online comic communities, including, but not limited to, Smack Jeeves, Comic Genesis and Comic Space. I’m sure there was one other, but I can’t remember it right off hand. My comics are still there, where ever it might be. I also have them on my Facebook page and a Deviant Art page.

I did get some good reviews of it from time to time, but it seemed I had a very small audience. Naturally, I wasn’t doing the comic long enough to really get a huge audience, but either way, I really enjoyed doing them but couldn’t keep up with it, no matter how many read it.

Since the main website is down I figured I might as well put them up somewhere else, so here they are.


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